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Liz Theoharis speaks in bullhorn at a rally amidst a crowd of people holding signs calling for human rights for the poor

A Kairos Moment: Change Is Coming Soon

Kairos is an ancient Greek term connoting time when old structures are breaking down and movements for change are breaking through, when there’s a decisive opportunity to achieve justice, peace and equality. In a moment of climate chaos, systemic racism and violence, poverty and inequality, militarism and war, and the rise of white Christian nationalism, possibilities for peace and justice seem far away. Yet our faith traditions insist that justice is possible and necessary and change is coming soon. In this Kairos moment, explore what the Bible and our faith traditions really say about poverty and justice and learn from examples of poor and low-income communities organizing for change.

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Heart created by chalk dust in rainbow colors

Beyond the Binary: Expanding Understandings of the Imago Dei

To be made in the image of God, the imago Dei, is a core belief in the Christian tradition. We believe that the image resides in all of us and reveals a God who created us out of gratuitous love. While we rightly hold this belief firmly, questions arise regarding our understanding of this central teaching. What exactly does it mean to be made in God’s image and likeness? Who defines it? Is anyone excluded from bearing the image of God?

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