Listening to the In-Between Spaces

Listening to the In-Between Spaces
with Julie Vieira, IHM, MA

Life is a journey, we often hear, and it seems we are always moving toward some destination – in our relationships, our work, our health, and our spiritual life. Like any journey, there are many ups and downs as we traverse familiar and unfamiliar spaces. While we like to focus on the destination, there is a great wisdom to be found by listening to the “in-between spaces,” those often uncomfortable places where we have moved out of one space, but haven’t quite reached the new one.

Join us as we explore in-between spaces and find ways to listen to what they have to say to us and how listening can become a spiritual exercise that we can practice regularly.

We will also look at how the in-between spaces can become sacred crossroads for both ourselves, others, and the world.

Our exploration will include a focus on the scriptural witness of Jesus who was very adept at living in in-between spaces and in borderlands – both in terms of national and geographical borders and also spiritual and interpersonal borders. We’ll also look at the writing of Gloria Anzaldúa for a contemporary understanding of in-between spaces through her exploration of borderlands and crossroads. Our time together will include prayer, input, discussion, and quiet reflection.

Julie VieiraJulie Vieira, IHM, MA, (she/her) is a writer, presenter, and spiritual companion. She holds a Master of Arts in Theology from St. Michael’s College at the University of Toronto. She is the Director of IHM Spirituality Ministries. She is particularly attentive to living the darkness and light — the poetry and rough prose — of everyday life with mindfulness and passion.



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