Margaret Brennan Institute

The Margaret Brennan Institute was established in 2016 to explore the areas of spirituality, Church and culture. At the heart of the Institute is the legacy of Margaret Brennan and the rich heritage of the IHM Sisters, the community of Catholic sisters to whom she belonged and whom she loved dearly.

MBI offers webinars, workshops, and conferences around pressing topics today, exploring them through spirituality and allowing them to inform our own life.

Upcoming Event:

event title What Would Thomas Merton Tweet: Finding spiritual intimacy in a socially distant world

presenter Dr. Daniel P. Horan, OFM

type webinar

date March 17, 2021 (auto adjust for user’s time zone)

time8 p.m.-9:30 p.m. EST (auto adjust for user’s time zone)

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“Spirituality is what our faith looks like in everyday life. Spirituality is about getting to the bottom of our restlessness. It is here that God comes. It is here where God is.” — Margaret Brennan, IHM (Presentation at the Summer Pastoral Theological Institute at St. John Center for Youth and Family in Plymouth, Mich., on Aug. 12, 1999)

MBI welcomes research and collaborative efforts with spiritual seekers and people from all faith traditions and religious communities.

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